Return Policy

While at, your satisfaction is our priority, if by any chance you are not pleased with your purchase, you have all the liberty to return the purchased item or exchange it with another one, which deem fit for you. In both cases, you have to keep the item in its original condition. We recommend you to keep a copy of the original receipt with you before sending it to us. We prefer that you indicate your reason for return or exchange of the item. Your feedback will help us to pay more attention to your aesthetic demands. We handle these returns on individual basis, so there is no need to worry in case of a short delay.

For your convenience and safe return shipping of the item, it is necessary that you contact so that we can guide you for proper shipping arrangements of the item. As it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser, you are advised to have your item insured. In case the item is damaged during the return shipment, we may not be able to make any refunds. However if the item was found damaged during the initial shipment to you, it is imperative that you inform us immediately about the condition of the item. We advise you to have a snap of the initial opening of the package with your cell phone or camera to make sure about the condition of the item.

Please be informed that you will be refunded the amount paid for the merchandise only and not the cost of shipping to you. In case you have made payments through a credit card, the refunds will be credited to the same card. Due to procedural delays, you should allow us two billing cycles before you check your statement for refunds.

It is advisable that you return the item safely and securely. Please ship your item pre-paid, as we do not accept C.O.D deliveries. If you are outside Canada while returning the purchased item, please contact before sending it to us so that we can guide you for the additional documents if required.

The merchandises returned are dear to us as they prove a relationship of trust between you and, we request you not to use the word ‘jewellery’ anywhere on the return package and shipping documents. You should better mention the article number if necessary and in case of filling in customs forms, you contact us so that we provide you with the exact description of the items to avoid any discrepancy in the documents.