Shipping Policy

The terms and conditions mentioned herein and hereafter apply to the use of the website Glimmering.ca and any other business transaction carried out through this website. By using this website, you implicitly and explicitly agreed to these terms and conditions. If by any chance you do not agree with the terms and conditions laid out here, you must refrain from using this website for any of the purposes. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with any other terms and conditions applicable to the use of Glimmering.ca.

Glimmering.ca is not liable for any failure in compliance of these terms and conditions that is due to unforeseeable circumstances that are beyond the control of administration of the website. If at any time Glimmering.ca waive any of its rights outlined in these terms and conditions at any occasion, such waiving does not mean that these rights are waived for all other occasions. 

The terms and conditions outlined here are applicable to maximum extent as the law permits or prohibits. You may have your local consumer rights other than rights described in these terms and conditions but these terms and conditions does not change your local consumer rights. If any clause, part, or particular term or condition is found illegal or invalid or unenforceable for any of legal or moral reasons, that term, clause, or particular term will be omitted from these terms and conditions. The rest of the terms and conditions will continue in their full force as the law permits or prohibits. 

These terms and conditions and any other text or content related to these terms and conditions forms the agreement between you and Glimmering.ca whether you are a user or an ordering party for an art jewelry item. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you and Glimmering.ca explicitly express that both parties exclude any other terms that you may deem fit to be added into your order form or any other document. Any such term or condition even if added shall not supplement, amend or delete the provisions outlined in these terms and conditions. And all such provisions shall be treated as null and void and imposing no liability on us whatsoever. We are only liable to your amended, or derived term or condition if we agree to this in writing with special reference to the part related to the particular amendment in the section of these terms and conditions. 

The parties agree and confirm that language of these terms and conditions and other related documents and notices will remain English only. 

The administration of Glimmering.ca reserves the right to amend all or any of these terms and conditions without prior notice to the users of the website. However any such amendments will be notified on the website. If you continue using the website after such amendment(s), it shows your explicit agreement with the terms and conditions thus amended whether you use this website for information or submit an order for any of the articles. 

Staff at Glimmering.ca is very keen to provide you the best of the possible services through this website, however due to inherited difficulties in photographing the art jewelry items it is possible that some of the features of the art jewelry are not evident in the photo. It is also possible that size of the item may vary from its actual size in the photos on this website. Further despite our efforts to depict the colours of the images correctly on the website, you may see slightly different colours due to your computer monitor and its resolution, hence we do not guarantee that the product bears exact likeness with the image you see on your computer monitor.
Order Submission and Acceptance/Rejection

You are free to submit your order for purchase of art jewelry from Glimmering.ca but all the orders are subject to our acceptance through an email to you confirming the order, providing shipping details about the goods and any other related information according the geographical scope of the working of Glimmering.ca. We do not submit to any liability to you by rejecting your order for any of the reasons or even no reason at all in our sole discretion. 

We may reject your order if;

  • The items demanded by you are currently not available in the stock due to unpredictable demand and short of supply.
  • The price of the item selected by you is change due to supply and demand factor or your order is incomplete or incorrect or out of the geographical scope of Glimmering.ca.


All the prices of advertised items of art jewelry are given in Canadian Dollars (CAD). These prices do not include freight, shipping and handling charges of the items. We take the pain of displaying of highlighting the freight, shipping and handling charges in your local currency when you purchase an item from us. These charges are added to the price of the purchase price of the item; however, in case of any fluctuation in currency rates with respect to Canadian dollars is not the responsibility of Glimmering.ca and any such fluctuations (increase or decrease) fall in the purview of the buyer. Further you are responsible for the fee charged by your credit card company when you make a purchase by using your credit card. Any credit card fee or bank charges are sole responsibility of the buyer and not the seller. 

Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents on this website including but not limited to texts, graphics, icons, videos, sound recordings and front end and backend software are sole property of Glimmering.ca and hence comes under the intellectual property rights. Any use in any form by using any means excluding that are explicitly authorized by the Copyright Act of the country, or terms and conditions of the website will be considered a breach of the copyright act including any adaptation, reproduction, storing, transmission, broadcasting, distribution, printing, performance, or publishing and creating derivative works or any other material through the use of information, products and services outlined in or any part of the website.

Nobody is permitted to carry out any of the above activities without our prior written permission.
All brands, products and services names used in the website are our trade-marks or trade-marks of the third parties are licensed to us or third parties and you are not allowed to use or reproduce any of such trade-marks. Any use of these trade-marks is for your non-commercial use by accessing, viewing and interacting with Glimmering.ca. 

By using this website, you are agreed that your access to this website is solely for your personal use. Unless we have mentioned it somewhere else in these terms and conditions or anywhere else on this website you are authorized to print or make a copy of the information given on the website for your personal use. You are however not authorized to sell the information contained on this website without our written and explicit permission.


Glimmering.ca announces discounts and promotions for its products. We may remove any such offer or promotion from the website at any time without any prior information to the users in our complete discretion. 

Though we believe otherwise, it is the sole responsibility of the user to access our website by using lawful means and make sure that your access to this website is not illegal or prohibited by laws of your country/state of use of services to access this website. 

It is your responsibility to take all precautionary measures to avoid any risk of viruses or malicious computer codes that my harm your computer system or data. At our part we do not claim that the information contained on the website is accurate, adequate and complete in all respects, we expressly disclaim any warranty, guarantee or condition for the same. Through these terms and conditions, we do not undertake that we will be this website updated in all respects. 

Email Content

We are free to preserve the content contained in your email if we believe that there is no law barring us to do so. We may also monitor your email content for maintenance of our website, for troubleshooting of website and for evaluation of any content that may fall in the category of email abuse.

Information Security

It is admitted that data transmission on the internet is not completely secure. At Glimmering.ca we do work day and night to protect such information, however, we do not guarantee the security of information provided by you to us. Hence all the information you transmit to us is at your own risk. We, however, do take every possible measure at our end preserve your privacy and security of your information. 

Termination of Access

We have the right to terminate your access to Glimmering.ca without any prior notice to you and we do not take any liability for such termination whether deliberate, technical or otherwise.

Governing Law

The terms and conditions outlined herein are governed by the federal laws of Canada to the extent permitted by these laws and unless prohibited by these laws. You agreement to the terms and conditions explicitly express your agreement of submission to the jurisdiction of the courts of Canada. 


Glimmering.ca will accept notices only in writing and delivered as per the conditions outlined below. A notice will be seen as given or delivered if;

  • It is sent by personal delivery, using a well reputed courier service that requires the signatures of the recipients upon delivery at the given address. 
  • It is sent through mail, then five business days (excluding closed holidays if fall between the starting time) from the date of the posting of mail. 
  • It is sent by email then the first business day after emailing the notice


To the extent that Canadian law permits us; 
Nobody including the proprietor(s), administrators, staff including technical members of the staff, or people from website development department whether local or through third party arrangements is liable to any incidental, consequential loss or damage of the item purchased or any other direct or indirect claims of compensation in connection with these terms and conditions which also include any failure and delay due to any unforeseen circumstances or for any deficiency in the performance of the item purchased to failure to bring in the desired results whether physical or emotional. 

Glimmering.ca and its operators are however liable of any claims arising from the performance of the item purchased or any other obligation in connection with the terms and conditions shall not exceed to the purchase price of the item in the aggregate excluding all other charges of freight, shipping, handling, import taxes, custom duties or any other charges applicable in the importing country. 
By accepting these terms and conditions through use of website you acknowledge the fact that despite we have taken all reasonable and technically advance precautions at our part, we do not claim our website is free of any error, or is uninterrupted or secure and if you find any of these errors, interruptions and delays and other problems due to security limitations of the website. All such conditions will not be treated as breach of these terms and conditions. As far as Canadian law permits us, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer directly or indirectly by the use of this website and any other website related to Glimmering.ca and this includes but not limited to the loss that may arise from your reliance of the information contained herein and accessed through this or other related websites. 

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