About GlimmeringTM

We at Glimmering.ca crave for providing our clients creative expression and design in the art objects for reflection and adornment. At Glimmering.ca, you will find the best of contemporary, studio, art, research, design and author at its best. Since our inception, giving meanings to wearable art is our passion. We have accustomed ourselves to pay full attention to minute details of objects of your choice so that you can enjoy the special moments, and feeling of wearing Glimmering.ca art jewelry.

At Glimmering.ca, we promise you the exceptional value and quality not for the reason that we use the best of the artisan hands, exceptional materials and extraordinary care, but for the reason that while producing your personalized pieces we simply fall in love with you. 

Since its inception, the company has evolved itself into one of the best online shopping stores for art jewelry in Canada. If you are one who establishes that seeing is believing, you may visit our office at: