14kt Rhodium Plated Ring Made With Swarovski Elements.


12 Color Swarovski Crystals to Choose from.

  • Adorn your hand with this exquisite ring and feel radiantly beautiful
  • Shows off the shimmer of Swarovski crystal elements: a first-rate name in quality jewellery
  • Available in your choice of stunning colours, including crystal, sapphire, or amethyst
  • Plated with brilliant rhodium to help you feel extra luxurious

Show off the shimmer of quality crystal elements that come to your hand from the world-renowned jewellery house of Swarovski: an institution that has become synonymous with dazzling allure and undeniable quality. Plated with luxurious rhodium, this ring showcases the shine of your choice of vibrant colours, letting you display your unique sense of style for all the world to behold and adore. Purchase yours today.


Available Gold Colors

Available Gold Colors